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Everette Scott Ortiz   5-23-16


    In the last few years New Mexico has finally gained some recognition with shows such as Longmire, Nightshift, Better call Saul and of course Breaking Bad. This made me wonder what our enchanted state might turn out next to captivate the attention of the nation, which in turn gave me the idea to start writing about our own locals. This week I wanted to highlight Everette Scott Ortiz. Those of you who have had the pleasure of working with him on a project have invariably noticed his optimistic nature and quick smile. What you might not have realized is that in addition to his acting, Everette has a talent for writing. The first film he worked on (and coincidentally how we discovered young Mr. Ortiz) was the internationally distributed film Grave Mistake, but he began writing when he was 11 rewriting the ending to a film that he was dissatisfied with. He decided to write a sequel and soon had written a 127 page book (all before learning the value of paragraphs!)


   Since that telling beginning, he has since written, directed and produced two feature films and in 2013 won a grant at the Roswell Sci-Fi film festival to Produce his film Earthbound. He has another film The Endless Flight scheduled begin its film festival run this Summer. His acting filmography includes The Price of the American Dream 2, Coyote County Loser, I am Alive: Surviving the Andes Plane Crash as rugby player Gustavo Zerbino, and most recently 10 Days in a Madhouse where he starred alongside Christopher Lambert and Kelly LeBrock.


   What does Everette Scott have planned for the future? This Summer he is scheduled to play the lead in a Shawn Darling film, “Falling Up”, now in Preproduction. Looking further into the future he is looking forward to beginning preproduction on his newest script “The Chronicles of the Steam”, a steampunk rock musical. Want one last morsel on this up and coming personality? He is also a talented musician, singer and song writer who's new song will be unveiled in Falling Up.



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