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Originally titled "Dead Meat", Grave Mistake" is the latest project for Gryphon's Egg Productions. This time it's gonnna be greusome!!

When a bored and angry excuse for a man dumps something into a cemetary that he shouldn't, all Hell breaks loose. Literally!!

"Grave Mistake" started production on December 2cnd 2006. We will be in production for some time due to scheduling. Some roles and positions are filled but due to the size of this production, many more will be needing to be filled

We have found our lead Hero and Heroine actors and they are perfect for the roles!! Be sure to check out the cast page. We are still looking for an african American actor. or a white male actor who can do a really good gay impersonation to play the part of George Gibson. A lawn and garden store employee. If you fill these basic requirements, then this part is for you!

If you wouild like to help with this production please email us at

Keep checking back!