Here in New Mexico we don’t just do a thing, we do multiple things and some of us do them very well.

Meet James Blackburn, not only has he been making a name for himself as an actor with over 100 films and television shows to his credit, but he has been writing and producing films of his own since he was 16. He has also composed numerous musical pieces and has successfully had his photography featured in several international advertising campaigns.

   James has always had a knack for acting, beginning as a child in 3 rd grade when he was cast in his first bad guy role in the ”Tooth Decay” play where he portrayed the character of Mr. Fudge. The first film James produced was a short called “The Mister Bunn Show” when he was only 16 years old. Later he got involved in Cable Access in Chicago and produced several programs including “Idiots the Show”, a comedy stunt tv show made over 5 years before the show, “Jackass”.

   He says he knew he wanted to pursue a career in the entertainment industry when he saw the original Star Wars in 1977 and went back to see it 5 nights in a row. As a child he was mesmerized by Star Wars with it being the first movie he saw in a theater and the first movie he saw more than once.

   He has appeared in such films and television shows as Breaking Bad, Into The West, Beerfest,Employee of the Month, Lone Ranger, Wild Hogs, The 420 Movie, Transformers, 3:10 to Yuma,Comanche Moon, Gunslingers, Abe Makes a Movie and many more.

   At the age of 9 James began playing the guitar and composed his first song at the age of 10 called “Bad News Day”and since then has never stopped. Later he took up playing the bass at the age of 18 and has written hundreds of music pieces to date.

   James says he discovered photography when he received a 35mm camera for his 16 th birthday from his Mother and had his first photos noticed about a year later when he won several awards at a local art show. He says photography for him is his truest passion.

   Recently, he has done videography and editing on a tourism tv called “New Mexico True Television”,where he won a Regional Emmy Award for his work. He is also co-producing, directing and acting in the newest Gryphon's Egg Productions film, “Phantoms”. James is also a part of our TV show micro budget movie making series.

   Gryphon's Egg Productions owner, Shawn Darling and James Blackburn make a great team as story tellers and filmmakers. Working together now for over 10 years now with no end in sight.

Gryphon's Egg Productions is pleased to have collaborated with Mr. Blackburn on past projects which include The Witching Hour TV series and the internationally distributed film Grave Mistake. We appreciate his professionalism and talent and look forward working with him on future projects. Keep your eyes open as we work towards bringing you our future collaborations very soon.


by Emi Kimura


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