Letting Go


A short film about a Mother's struggle with letting go of one of the hardest things to release and move on from.


Directed by Shawn Darling

Starring Emi Kimura

Music by Z-32

  "Letting Go" is a short film written and directed by Shawn Darling with music by Seth Darling. It explores the silent grief that haunts a Mother after the loss of her child.


  We had originally intended to make a short film within a short amount of time using only the resources we had on hand to show aspiring film makers what could be accomplished with a vision and a little time.


  We wrote the developed the story without dialog to demonstrate the importance of being able to tell a story and create an emotional connection with your audience visually. It took about 5 minutes to come up with the shot list and another 5-10 to decide on wardrobe the look of our character. The next day we set up lights in front of the green screen and track for the kitchen shots. All the shots were filmed using a Cannon DSLR camera and a 4k gimble camera. Total time for set up and shooting was about 3 hours and the another hour to edit and add sound. The CGI environment took the longest time to create and match the look to the rest of our film. The entire process took 3 weeks as we only worked on it during our free time.


  All of us at Gryphon's Egg Productions hope you enjoy our Short film, "Letting Go" and it is our desire that it inspires aspiring film makers in the exploration of their art.



Shawn Darling and Seth Darling




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