Practical effects:


   Our artists have created original creatures, set pieces, props and prosthetics for the film industry for 25 years. Our pieces are designed, sculpted cast and painted and built in our studio with attention to the smallest details.

Currently working on:


"Cliffs of Freedom"

"Preacher"  (AMC)

various commissioned pieces

The Nightmare Game


"Beyond the Pale"


"Falling Up"

"Falling Stars"

"The Turn"

"Cold War"

"Always" music video

Letting Go

In the Way

The Lifestar Theft


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   Our practical effects department is capable of creating anything from latex, foam latex, to silicone prosthetics for special makeup FX work to polyfoam and silicone props, body parts, reproductions, lifecasting, resin, fiberglass, plastic items, and even animatronic creatures. Have a look at what we do and what we can also do for you!

Shawn Darling and James Blackburn puppeteering "Henson" for the CW's "The Witching Hour: Cell 313

"King Grizhardt "Concept puppet for "Sablewood" built by Shawn Darling

Eneber priest head puppet built by Shawn Darling for "The Time of the Turning"

Shannen Doherty poses in front of the 12 foot tall throne of Satan built by Shawn Darling and Jason Smythe for "How to Make a Deal With the Devil".

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