Production :


Production is where all your preproduction planning comes together on set and is shot and made ready for post production.  This area can involve actors, set pieces, locations, props and more.


Green screen shooting as well as live action in a location can all be part of production.  This is where the footage is made.

In Production now


Letting Go


In The Way


The Time of the Turning (GEP)


Time for Evolution (Stands With Fists)


Song of the Starslayer (Robert Towne)


Makir - "Pagoda"  (John Winstead)



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on set puppeteering the Eneber Priests for "The Time of the Turning". (GEP)

On the set of "STEAM" (GEP)

On the set of "Greyhorn's Book of Fables"  (GEP)  Photo by Ben Bunner

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