Rock Your Body and Face at Route 66 Pinups


   I have to confess a deep appreciation for all things artistic especially the artists that create these wonderful works. Susan Gomez is the owner/operator and artist at Rock Your Body Face and Body Art and 66 Pin Ups. Susan is one of those talented individuals that can make art from any medium be it pencil to paper, brush to canvas or paint to skin what she touches is meticulously transformed by her artistic talents.


   In 2015 I had the pleasure of meeting Susan Gomez. She had just resigned and had begun dedicating herself to her face and body painting business Rock Your Body Face and Body Art. That first meeting happened to be when she did a body painting on me. Now once you get past the idea of a stranger transforming your body into a living canvas I have to tell you it is very cool. She quickly set me at ease and set about transforming me into Wonder Woman. She easy to work with and her attention to the details that elevate face or body painting to a work of art are simply amazing. She has had her work published in Illusion Magazine, Face to Face, and Skin Markz. Susan is also a two time, first place winner in the BayFABA face painting competition and first place body paint winner at the Las Vegas Jamtacular! She is also the creator and host of Battle of the Bodyart. A competition she created to showcase the face and body art of New Mexico and the Southwest region.


   The second time I met Susan was while she was taking a Gryphon’s Egg FX class. I again, got to play model for Ms. Gomez, this time with wounds to my face to include a bullet to my forehead and it was during this class that I discovered that, in addition to being an incredible artist, Susan was an enterprising business woman as well. She had just decided to take on her newest venture 66 Pin Ups a popular clothing store specializing in Rockabilly fashion. She now has a beautiful store filled with incredible styles and had plans to feature art work in this location, as well. This is such a wonderful concept that it immediately brought to mind my favorite shop in California where I would purchase coffee then stroll through looking at the art in the back. It is exciting to have this atmosphere coming to the convenience of Cottonwood mall!


   Susan has graciously allowed Gryphon’s Egg Productions to utilize this amazing space as the newest location for our upcoming FX classes. We are very excited about working with Susan and cannot wait to see what the future holds in store for this artist.


   Another kudos to Susan is the charity work she does which is near and dear to my heart. Here's to you Ms. Gomez. It is truly an honor to know you.


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