A magical fantasy short film which takes place in the Sablewood Universe, about returning magic and life to the world.


   Animatronic puppets, fantasy worlds, and magic all in one beautiful package created by Shawn Darling



   With the alignment of the three suns a descendant of the Sy-entees is dying and the land of Sablewood is in danger once more as the magic begins to die and with it the land with which it is inextricably intertwined. The time of the Turning is cyclical it is the time when the Suns again correspond with the event that created Sablewood, an event in which one world died do to the arrogance of the Sy-entees and a new land was born from it's ashes as the life force of the Sy-entees passed from the dying world to Sablewood giving birth to the magic which in turn brings the land to life. Now that the Suns have aligned and the last descendant of the Sy-entees has died the tears between the worlds are once again aligned causing the magic to bleed from the land and with it life itself. We see the once lush a beautiful land has become barren and desolate parts of the land have become hostile and dangerous creatures have begun to feed upon the unfortunate inhabitants of Sablewood.


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The Time of the Turning

The Time of the Turning will be released mid July 2016. Stay tuned!    Watch the Trailer below.

puppeteering the Eneber priests for a scene from The Time of the Turning.

The wise man "Jaron" clay sculpture being prepared for the mold making process.  All of our puppets are sculpted in an oil based clay before they are molded, cast and turned into the rubber versions for the film. A long process indeed but well worth it once they are on camera.

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