Visual effects:


Our visual FX use the latest technology and techniques to deliver superior FX with attention to each scene.


From 3d camera matchmoving, greenscreen keying, compositing to 3d cgi modeling and animation, we do it all.

Currently doing VFX for:


"In the Way" Music video


Letting Go


The Lifestar Theft


The Nightmare Game


"Ignite my Love" music video


"Phantoms" Feature film


Falling up


The Witching Hour





   Currently Shawn Darling is working on the epic fantasy short film "The Time of the Turning".  In this film every shot is an FX shot Shawn Darling states, "we shoot all of the puppetry on set in front of the green screen and then composite it into our virtual environments made up of photographic elements, filmed elements and CGI.  Some of the node tree structures in Nuke for these composites can be in the hundreds of nodes just to make a 4-5 second shot and can take up to more than a week to put together. "

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   We do some of our VFX work in Adobe After Effects depending on the need.  The above shot was an AE shot and used photo graphic plates, an animated CGI airplane, various filmed debris and dust elements, particle FX and about 70 layers of compositing for a 5 second shot.

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