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Falling Up

Shadow of the Butterfly



Beyond the Pale

Grave Mistake

Time of the Turning

Time and Again


The Witching Hour: Season 2

The Wish: a Knight's story

The Trade

The Turn

The Ties that Bind (2016)

Unahppy Halloween (2016

Cold War

Witching Hour: August Moon

Falling Stars

The Fall

Faerey Tale

Cell 313 (2016)

The Dark is Rising (2013)



Test Tube

Mirror Has 3 Faces

Nature Gang (kids animated show)

The sculptor

Red Sands

Mad Cow

Gotta Travel On (Guitar Guy Movie)

Ghosts (2016)





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The Rainbow Makers:

Written and illustrated by Shawn Darling


As a child I was strongly influenced by the creations of Jim Henson, the writings of J.R.R. Tolkien, and the magic of David Copperfield which brought magic into my life. As a  father I have sought for a way to keep magic alive in the lives of my children. This book was born out of that desire and wanting to find a way to teach children tolerance of people of different races, religions, gender and culture. I wrote the book to open the minds of children to the fact that our differences can be our strengths and to show that those differences and strengths can enable us to work together to reach a common goal.

If kids could have an opportunity to hear the messages in this book regularly it could have such a positive impact on how they view each other. My goal is to get this published in hardcover, paperback and ebook and into the hands of many parents and children with the hope of enabling childrens' minds to remain open to the beauty of other races and cultures and people who are different than ourselves in various ways.


    As an artist I drew upon the works which inspired me as a youth and created illustrations with the focus on vibrant colors and bold lines to grab and hold the attention of the reader while maintaining warmth.

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